Custom will check your chats

Asked to visit the United States to provide social media account is not the practice of the Trump government initiative, Obama administration has approved the implementation of a similar policy. At the end of 2016, some media reported that the US Customs would require them to provide Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube and other social media accounts for visitors from some countries, but this policy is only ” Sign the country “within the scope of the US visitors effective.

The Internet Association, which represents Internet companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, was lobbying and publicly opposed to Mr Obama’s policy, but Barack Obama did not listen to them, but insisted. The social media account option is available for all sites that submit online ESTA forms online.

President Trump White House, apparently that Obama’s approach is very tricky, decided to carry forward it.

In fact, the current US law requires all international travelers arriving at US border points to be subject to US Customs and Border Protection inspections, including but not limited to: computers, CDs, hard drives, magnetic tapes, mobile Telephones and other communication devices, as well as cameras, media players and other electronic or digital devices.

The Trump government will do wicked things

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, told Google employees on Thursday that the Trump government “will do evil things just as they do in immigration, and perhaps some other way Do the same. ”

Schmidt on January 26 in California Mountain View Google headquarters of the weekly meeting of the speech. It was reported that Trump will be the next day to sign a new immigration policy. Google’s motto is “do not do evil.” Schmidt is Google’s former CEO, and is currently the parent company Alphabet chairman.

Schmidt’s opposition to Trump’s immigration policy deserves attention. He had traveled to Trump Tower at least twice to visit the incumbent president and his advisers, but it was hard to break into Trump’s circle. Schmidt and the Obama administration are closely related, in last year’s US election to support Hillary.

BuzzFeed News received some of Schmidt’s speeches at the conference. Three sources confirmed that Schmidt’s term was “evil” (evil).

“I can tell you that the tone of this administration will emphasize economic growth very much,” Schmidt told Google employees. “So I think they will end up doing evil things just as they do in immigrants, and maybe some other But the central focus will be on the country’s growth, which is now about 1.5 to 2 percent, which could be increased by a further 1 percentage point by simply increasing federal spending and resolving the Tea Party issue. “

The Platform Strategy of All – media Ecological Chain

Platform is the key link in the industry chain integration, platform building will directly reflect the core competitiveness of the industry chain. The essence of the platform business model lies in building a perfect and potential “ecological circle”, which can effectively stimulate the interaction between the parties, can stimulate the network effect, breaking the tipping point, the formation of multi-win situation.

Successful platform “ecosystem” is domineering, highly dominant and has a strong profit model.

Relying on technology-driven Tencent, through the integration of news, video and games, as well as stake in Jingdong Mall, to build its content platform product line, through the WeChat and QQ integration of its social platform, from content to social, In the construction of a new industry model.

Similarly, Alibaba shares as an electric provider, Sina microblogging, the US group, UCweb and many other entries, as they move to the mobile Internet port bridge.

In order to build a strong ecological platform, Alibaba frequently shot, it seems to all “occupation” of the Internet’s top five industries. In the field of social networking, they share Sina microblogging; in the game field, they acquired a grand game; in the search field, they also launched a joint search of God horses in the field of video, they have the number of media and Youku potatoes.

In the technology-driven companies continue to strengthen the content platform and the construction of social platforms, the traditional media platform strategy is also in an orderly manner.

One important change is that the media from the content provider to the platform distributor changes, through the portal + content distribution platform + channel to spread the whole platform + cloud to form a new communication ecology, to build the future of new business models.

More and more asian users are liking facebook now

Our initial focus is more on short videos, and we now see short video content with different components, such as videos made by people to socialize with friends, videos produced by companies and celebrities for publicity, but there are also We need a business model to support the development of this part of the content, we are advertising this business model through its financial support to the future I think the future, we need to be able to make money to continue to create these content, so we need a business model to support the development of this part of the content, Within a year or two, as this business model evolves, more video inventory and video content will be seen in the information stream and in the “tab.”

In the long term, I think that with the success of this model, people will start to try the long video and other different content production, I think this will be our work in the foreseeable future focus.

You have just asked the distribution platform, yes, we have been trying to bring the company’s services to a variety of platforms, but it is clear that the focus is the mobile platform.

Now Instagram has 400 million active users, then, I am curious, for Instagram core use (core use) how do you think? What is the difference between it’s positioning and the core uses of Facebook? With the development of time difference between the two in how the evolution? How does Instagram’s cash flow over time evolve?

The earliest creator of yahoo

Time back 18 years ago, when Yahoo can be described as “infinite beauty.” In 1999, surged more than the market value of Yahoo close to 100 billion US dollars, once more than “Warren” Buffett’s Berkshire. Yahoo is the Internet industry’s first generation of giants, has also been one of the Internet industry’s most famous legend. In 2008, the limelight Masamori Yahoo flatly rejected Microsoft’s $ 44.6 billion acquisition of a wholly-owned invitation. The decision was made by one of the founders of Yahoo David Filo.

David Filo has a “Yahoo chiefs,” the title, in addition to Jerry Yang addition to another founder of Yahoo. In 1966, Ferro was born in Wisconsin, an ordinary family. When he was a teenager, Filo was not the same genius as any other entrepreneur. He was more curious than his peers, and not much else. In 1988, he received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Tulane in the United States, and two years later received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Fei Luo at Stanford and Yang Jiyuan encounter and make can be described as a key factor in creating Yahoo’s success.

In the early 90s of last century, although the Internet has begun to take shape, but people want to search the information in the network world is very difficult. “When we decided to create Yahoo, we did not just have to do a website, but to change the way people live and work, making it easier to find the information they need, and to experience the web directly,” says Filo. Fun and money is not my biggest concern. “For Filo and Jerry Yang, mining a variety of sites so that they find the” fun of the Internet age “, and later they simply create a search site used to website. More and more sites to collect, one by one on the two categories. Each directory can not tolerate, and then subdivided into subdirectories, this approach is still the tradition of Yahoo. Yang Zhiyuan is an active member of the society. The Feiluo quiet introverted, hi meditation, good at collating information, has a very good professional skills.

Global Vice President Hugo has left

On August 29, 2013, millet co-founder and president Lin Bin announced on Sina microblogging, Barra from October the same year as millet vice president, joined the millet, he is responsible for millet international business development, and Google Android Strategic cooperation.

Not long ago, millet founder Lei Jun said at the annual meeting, millet in 2016 take the initiative to slow down the adjustment, the worst is over, this year plans to break the overall income of 100 billion yuan. At the same time, Lei Jun said: in 2017, millet will focus on black technology, new retail, international, artificial intelligence and Internet finance five parts.

In recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, millet, ZTE and other brands have increased the “sea” efforts, the overseas market is also an important growth point of business, but for a considerable part of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers still have to face many obstacles , Which is the patent of domestic mobile phone manufacturers heart pain, longer than the marketing is shorter than the protection and purchase of patents, making the patent in some countries and regions, mobile phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers an important weapon of self-protection.

Millet in 2014 encountered a patent crisis in India. According to Indian media reports, the Indian Delhi High Court ruled that millet violation of Ericsson’s standard core patent portfolio (SEP), and issued an injunction to stop millet sales in India and imports of mobile phones. Although the access to high-pass patent licensing, but millet’s road to the sea has cast a heavy shadow, millet global vice president Barra has revealed on Facebook, India’s sales in the first half of less than 100 million units. This is the millet Max to take their own chips, while continuing to acquire an important reason for the patent.

Transparency and opening is the only way to defeat false news on the internet

The Internet has always been the place where experimentation and creativity grow brutally. Its power comes from the participants. Behind every pernicious online activity, there are many positive contributions hidden from people who seek to connect with others, express themselves, and broaden their shared cognitive base.

I am an optimist. 16 years ago, I had to start participating in Wikipedia, a project that sounds impossible to achieve. How can we make millions of people work together, across borders and perspectives, without pay, to build a reliable and accurate encyclopedia? But it has become a reality.

Although fake news is nothing new, but the delivery method has changed. Posts on social media, tampered videos, and instant messaging tools have largely replaced e-mail as the primary tool for disseminating error messages. Compared with the turn of the century, today’s Internet is larger, more contact, more cruel way to run. Last year in India, when the new 2000 rupees were issued, the false news claimed that the banknote was loaded with surveillance chips. Although later was exposed, but the “news” like wildfire in the SMS platform WhatsApp spread, and this application in India has 50 million users.

Success starts with persistence

I remember when I first financed my money, I was looking for investors in the United States. In 2002, because I had “9.11”, I did not have the enthusiasm to invest. I invited an investor to eat, and constantly asked him, then intermittently invited him to eat eight times McDonald’s, melting $ 80,000, equivalent to eating once to raise $ 10,000.

In the first few years, the business model changed several times. A few months later, we entered the traditional SP (wireless value-added) industry. In the traditional SP industry a few years later, met the winter of 2006, was just to catch up with a big wave, when our company tried a lot of things, classified ads, video sharing, etc., there is nothing we did not do of.

But all these attempts are based on our traditional business, to make money-based, if not money, then, will soon enter a very bad situation. We were 1,400 employees, in half a year to cut off half. In 2006, we set up a campus network, this is our third transformation. After the transformation, we after a period of hard work, and finally in May of this year, the NYSE listed in the United States, becoming the first NYSE-listed social networking company.

The reason why we can survive, the most important thing is to adhere to, in the most difficult time must adhere to teeth. Our company has just begun, often account for only two months of money, in a very hard time to stick to it, I think it is not easy.