Success starts with persistence

I remember when I first financed my money, I was looking for investors in the United States. In 2002, because I had “9.11”, I did not have the enthusiasm to invest. I invited an investor to eat, and constantly asked him, then intermittently invited him to eat eight times McDonald’s, melting $ 80,000, equivalent to eating once to raise $ 10,000.

In the first few years, the business model changed several times. A few months later, we entered the traditional SP (wireless value-added) industry. In the traditional SP industry a few years later, met the winter of 2006, was just to catch up with a big wave, when our company tried a lot of things, classified ads, video sharing, etc., there is nothing we did not do of.

But all these attempts are based on our traditional business, to make money-based, if not money, then, will soon enter a very bad situation. We were 1,400 employees, in half a year to cut off half. In 2006, we set up a campus network, this is our third transformation. After the transformation, we after a period of hard work, and finally in May of this year, the NYSE listed in the United States, becoming the first NYSE-listed social networking company.

The reason why we can survive, the most important thing is to adhere to, in the most difficult time must adhere to teeth. Our company has just begun, often account for only two months of money, in a very hard time to stick to it, I think it is not easy.