Global Vice President Hugo has left

On August 29, 2013, millet co-founder and president Lin Bin announced on Sina microblogging, Barra from October the same year as millet vice president, joined the millet, he is responsible for millet international business development, and Google Android Strategic cooperation.

Not long ago, millet founder Lei Jun said at the annual meeting, millet in 2016 take the initiative to slow down the adjustment, the worst is over, this year plans to break the overall income of 100 billion yuan. At the same time, Lei Jun said: in 2017, millet will focus on black technology, new retail, international, artificial intelligence and Internet finance five parts.

In recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, millet, ZTE and other brands have increased the “sea” efforts, the overseas market is also an important growth point of business, but for a considerable part of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers still have to face many obstacles , Which is the patent of domestic mobile phone manufacturers heart pain, longer than the marketing is shorter than the protection and purchase of patents, making the patent in some countries and regions, mobile phone manufacturers and chip manufacturers an important weapon of self-protection.

Millet in 2014 encountered a patent crisis in India. According to Indian media reports, the Indian Delhi High Court ruled that millet violation of Ericsson’s standard core patent portfolio (SEP), and issued an injunction to stop millet sales in India and imports of mobile phones. Although the access to high-pass patent licensing, but millet’s road to the sea has cast a heavy shadow, millet global vice president Barra has revealed on Facebook, India’s sales in the first half of less than 100 million units. This is the millet Max to take their own chips, while continuing to acquire an important reason for the patent.