The earliest creator of yahoo

Time back 18 years ago, when Yahoo can be described as “infinite beauty.” In 1999, surged more than the market value of Yahoo close to 100 billion US dollars, once more than “Warren” Buffett’s Berkshire. Yahoo is the Internet industry’s first generation of giants, has also been one of the Internet industry’s most famous legend. In 2008, the limelight Masamori Yahoo flatly rejected Microsoft’s $ 44.6 billion acquisition of a wholly-owned invitation. The decision was made by one of the founders of Yahoo David Filo.

David Filo has a “Yahoo chiefs,” the title, in addition to Jerry Yang addition to another founder of Yahoo. In 1966, Ferro was born in Wisconsin, an ordinary family. When he was a teenager, Filo was not the same genius as any other entrepreneur. He was more curious than his peers, and not much else. In 1988, he received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Tulane in the United States, and two years later received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Fei Luo at Stanford and Yang Jiyuan encounter and make can be described as a key factor in creating Yahoo’s success.

In the early 90s of last century, although the Internet has begun to take shape, but people want to search the information in the network world is very difficult. “When we decided to create Yahoo, we did not just have to do a website, but to change the way people live and work, making it easier to find the information they need, and to experience the web directly,” says Filo. Fun and money is not my biggest concern. “For Filo and Jerry Yang, mining a variety of sites so that they find the” fun of the Internet age “, and later they simply create a search site used to website. More and more sites to collect, one by one on the two categories. Each directory can not tolerate, and then subdivided into subdirectories, this approach is still the tradition of Yahoo. Yang Zhiyuan is an active member of the society. The Feiluo quiet introverted, hi meditation, good at collating information, has a very good professional skills.