Custom will check your chats

Asked to visit the United States to provide social media account is not the practice of the Trump government initiative, Obama administration has approved the implementation of a similar policy. At the end of 2016, some media reported that the US Customs would require them to provide Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube and other social media accounts for visitors from some countries, but this policy is only ” Sign the country “within the scope of the US visitors effective.

The Internet Association, which represents Internet companies such as Facebook, Google and Twitter, was lobbying and publicly opposed to Mr Obama’s policy, but Barack Obama did not listen to them, but insisted. The social media account option is available for all sites that submit online ESTA forms online.

President Trump White House, apparently that Obama’s approach is very tricky, decided to carry forward it.

In fact, the current US law requires all international travelers arriving at US border points to be subject to US Customs and Border Protection inspections, including but not limited to: computers, CDs, hard drives, magnetic tapes, mobile Telephones and other communication devices, as well as cameras, media players and other electronic or digital devices.