More and more asian users are liking facebook now

Our initial focus is more on short videos, and we now see short video content with different components, such as videos made by people to socialize with friends, videos produced by companies and celebrities for publicity, but there are also We need a business model to support the development of this part of the content, we are advertising this business model through its financial support to the future I think the future, we need to be able to make money to continue to create these content, so we need a business model to support the development of this part of the content, Within a year or two, as this business model evolves, more video inventory and video content will be seen in the information stream and in the “tab.”

In the long term, I think that with the success of this model, people will start to try the long video and other different content production, I think this will be our work in the foreseeable future focus.

You have just asked the distribution platform, yes, we have been trying to bring the company’s services to a variety of platforms, but it is clear that the focus is the mobile platform.

Now Instagram has 400 million active users, then, I am curious, for Instagram core use (core use) how do you think? What is the difference between it’s positioning and the core uses of Facebook? With the development of time difference between the two in how the evolution? How does Instagram’s cash flow over time evolve?

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