The Platform Strategy of All – media Ecological Chain

Platform is the key link in the industry chain integration, platform building will directly reflect the core competitiveness of the industry chain. The essence of the platform business model lies in building a perfect and potential “ecological circle”, which can effectively stimulate the interaction between the parties, can stimulate the network effect, breaking the tipping point, the formation of multi-win situation.

Successful platform “ecosystem” is domineering, highly dominant and has a strong profit model.

Relying on technology-driven Tencent, through the integration of news, video and games, as well as stake in Jingdong Mall, to build its content platform product line, through the WeChat and QQ integration of its social platform, from content to social, In the construction of a new industry model.

Similarly, Alibaba shares as an electric provider, Sina microblogging, the US group, UCweb and many other entries, as they move to the mobile Internet port bridge.

In order to build a strong ecological platform, Alibaba frequently shot, it seems to all “occupation” of the Internet’s top five industries. In the field of social networking, they share Sina microblogging; in the game field, they acquired a grand game; in the search field, they also launched a joint search of God horses in the field of video, they have the number of media and Youku potatoes.

In the technology-driven companies continue to strengthen the content platform and the construction of social platforms, the traditional media platform strategy is also in an orderly manner.

One important change is that the media from the content provider to the platform distributor changes, through the portal + content distribution platform + channel to spread the whole platform + cloud to form a new communication ecology, to build the future of new business models.

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